September 28, 2019
3 months and 30 days since
our Reunion.
The Class of 1974 presents
The Class of 1974 presents





Price at the door is $100 per person
(Cash ONLY - there's an ATM machine in the hotel). 
This applies to all guests that have not paid even though they RSVP'd,

September 8, 2019 - 

Welcome LHS Classmates!
Update since August -

There are 150+ classmates signed up to attend our 45th reunion and can be found on "Look who's Coming". 

We have extended the registration deadline to Sunday,  Sept 15th which is the last day to purchase tickets.  

Good news is that  we have 40+ classmates that will be staying at The Anaheim Hotel and it's sold out.    If you are still looking for a hotel room,  please call the hotel directly to see if you can be placed on their waiting list.  Otherwise, there are several hotels within walking distance  which can be found on TripAdvisor with pricing information.

If this is your first time visiting our site, WELCOME!!!  We hope you can attend. Our first message went out in March 2019  Start here and check out the various pages regarding news and information on classmates & the reunion.  And, don't forget to purchase a ticket ASAP!  Our cut-off date is in 7 days - Sunday, Sept. 15th! 

If you are unable to attend, please still RSVP so you can remain on our mailing list.  And, If you have any questions, email us at: 

From April 2019 -  
It may be that we graduated back in the 70’s, but how is it that we’ve reached our 60’s?  All we have to do is blink to realize that time goes by real quick!
Our first announcement went out in March.  Our 45th reunion is coming up in just 2 months!  “A Knight of Fireworks” will be held at the The Anaheim Hotel (across from Disneyland) on Saturday, September 28, 2019.   Don't your ticket NOW.  
We hold this shindig every 5 years and it never gets old.   But, a reunion is not a reunion without YOU there!   We’re celebrating the classes of 1972, 1973, 1974 and 1975.  However, ALL classes are welcomed to participate.  The Reunion committee’s goal is to ensure that we don’t let this significant 45th anniversary pass without a celebration.  With your help, we hope to surpass the 166 classmate attendance we had at our 40th reunion.    
Are you IN?  Perhaps your mind has become flooded with thoughts now that we've mentioned the reunion is only 6 months away?   Do questions like…Will anyone recognize me?  Will I recognize them? I’ve put on weight, gone gray, lost my hair, etc., pop-up in your mind?  Relax!  Everyone else is having the same thoughts.  Please don’t let these thoughts get in the way of attending our class reunion.  Bottom line is we have all changed.  So what!  We are not 17 anymore!  Changes are an inevitable fact of life.  We want you to be yourself and join the festivities.  This is an opportunity to go out and have some fun, renew old friendships, celebrate and feel young again.
This is our 2nd go around using this secure website and we have received some great feedback:   We’re reaching out to more friends to mingle with, we’ve added some extra hours of fun, and kept the prices low.  Plus, we’ve added live entertainment into the mix too. 
Saturday evening's affair promises to be a nostalgic time to break bread, share stories, and dance the night away.  We’re anticipating it to be a blast...and not just from the past!  It’s a “Casual Chic” affair, and we’re promoting that you dress comfortably and be yourself, so you can connect with LHS classmates during the weekend of September 28th.    
We appreciate your time and are grateful you're checking out our website.  We encourage all to "click" on the additional website pages on the left to RSVP and to learn what we have planned for this wonderful gathering.  If you have any suggestions &/or questions, please post them on the “Contact Us" page of our website...or reach out to us via email:
We can’t wait till we see you all the weekend of September 28th
LHS 45th Reunion Committee
Donna (Lopez) Norton (1974)

Bruce Holman (1972)
Gloria (Howell) Reid (1973)
Louise (Larsen) Ellena (1975)
Stephen Marsh (1974)

Tom Matthews (1974) 
Jerry Plummer (1972)  
Linda Scott (1975)
Claudia (See) Pennachio (1973)

Vickie (Zufelt) Dyakon (1972)
And the 3 Debbie’s (1974) … (Mandina) Mang, (Stanfield) Green, and (Stine) Plummer

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Friday Happenings on Sept. 27th

All Day Fun Day at Disneyland Resort
Late Afternoon Re-connect at the Hotel Bar
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