Since 1979, the LHS Class of 1974 has hosted a reunion every five years.  Along the way we've added a few classes to the mix to keep each event well attended.   But, as the years go by and the clock ticks away, so does technology and the cost of hosting a reunion.   So, our limited funds can only take us so far.  

We are humbly asking for any donation to help make this an extra fun-filled event.   With company sponsorships and alumni donations, it will create a lasting memory for those who attend and increase our reunion budget to allow us to purchase extra door prizes and hopefully add a cushion for the next reunion.   Plus, it’s a wonderful chance to showcase the generosity of alumni & businesses.    

If you are interested in helping support this reunion, we are accepting monetary donations as well as donated goods for door prizes & giveaways.   FYI - Unused Gift Cards make the best Door Prizes. 

With each donation (large or small), we will happily highlight your sponsorship as gratitude (on website/signs/program/etc). 

We are accepting monetary donations on this page or you can mail your check to:

LHS 1974 Reunion Fund
PO Box 1443
SJC, CA  92393
**Denote “LHS 2019 Sponsor” in the subject line of your check
If you have any questions, or need further information, please feel free to contact Donna (Lopez) Norton  at 714-393-0962 or email her at

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