Welcome to the FAQ Page
If you have a question, don't raise your hand...just read below!


When should I receive my invitation?
If you provided your email address to us, you'll be sent an email invitation the first week of April. Please check your inbox daily. 
If you provided your mailing address, you'll be mailed an invitation the first week of April as well.
If you provided both your mailing address and your email address, you'll be sent an email invitation to help us save time and money on paper/postage fees. However, if you'd prefer an invitation by mail, you can use the "Contact Us" tab to your left and request one. 

I'm a LHS graduate but I didn't receive an invitation. How do I attend?
We tried very hard to make sure that we had the correct address information (or email address) to send you an invitation. Please contact any reunion committee member (email addresses listed under "Contact Us") and they will get you the information you need.

Is there a registration deadline?
Yes. FINAL CUT OFF DATE  that your payment must be received is:  September 1, 2019.
We have to pay the balance to the hotel with a total number of guests  4 weeks prior to our class reunion date .
How do I pay for my ticket/tickets?
You have two options to pay for your ticket/tickets:
1) You can pay online by going to the "45th Reunion Tickets" tab to your left and use your debit/credit card.  It's easy, fast and secure!
2) You can mail a check or money order** made payable to "LHS 1974 Reunion Fund" and mail it to:
LHS 45th Reunion
PO Box 1443
SJC, CA  92693
**Please write “45 Yr Class Reunion 2019" in the memo section.  Check must be received by September 14, 2019.
Will I be mailed a physical ticket to present when I arrive?
No. We will have your name (and your guest's name, if applicable) on a list at the check-in table.


 If I’m unable to attend that weekend, should I RSVP?

Yes, RSVP with your regrets and update your contact information for us.


Can I obtain classmate’s contact information prior to the reunion?

Yes, providing that the individual has given permission to publish his/her information.

What should I wear to this event?
For this reunion we suggest "Casual Chic," which is pretty much what you would wear going out to dinner with friends.   Wear what you feel most comfortable in...But, purple and gold are always appropriate! :-)

What entrance should I use when I come in?
The Anaheim Hotel is approx. 100 yards before Disney Way.  One entrance is on Harbor Blvd, and the other is located on Disney Way.  Please see the "Travel to Anaheim" tab to review the  map showing the two entrances into The Anaheim Hotel.
Will other LHS alumni members be able to join us during the reunion?
Yes. They are welcome to join us.  The price is the same for all LHS Alumni.  Due to the size of our venue & the cost involved for each reunion, the price at the door will be $100 cash
 (only if space is available).  

Please note - We will no longer be accepting walk-in classmates who arrive after dinner is served.  

Is there an ATM available on-site to withdraw cash for bar drinks and/or raffles?
Yes.  There's an ATM on-site, adjacent to the hotel lobby and restrooms.

Can you provide directions to Anaheim Hotel ?

Anaheim Hotel is directly across the street from Disneyland Resort.  Take I-5  Northbound and get off on Katella Blvd.  Turn right onto Harbor.  The entrance to Anaheim Hotel is approx. 100 yards before Disney Way.  If you are Southbound on the I-5, exit on Harbor Blvd. and turn left onto Disney Way.   The hotel entrance is just past the signal on the right hand side.

Please see the "Travel to Anaheim" tab to review the  map showing both entrances into The Anaheim Hotel.